My thanks and acknowledgments are due to the following wonderful people:

  • My parents – who initiated me into the world of music, gave me education, knowledge and have been my support in all my ventures, notwithstanding any differences.
  • My brother – Prof. Subramanian (TIFR) with whom I took refuge when I first came to Mumbai for my college education, who mentored me academically, and always supported my pursuits.
  • My wife – Smt. Aparna Shastri, a scientist with a doctorate in Physics at BARC, and a Dhrupad Vocalist (student of late Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar). I would never have been able to walk many of the untravelled paths that I have explored without her support and help. I thank her for giving me that unconditional freedom, support, encouragement, and for putting up with all my eccentricities.
  • My daughter – Ragini, a keen mind, who has been a source of inspiration, help and keeps goading me on to do better things in life, and with whom I’ve shared many wonderful times watching Roger Federer!
  • Late Chandu Kapadia - a maverick who was crazy about music, one of the founder members of Indian Music Group (IMG) at St. Xaviers’ College, Mumbai. We have shared many a debate or discussion on music. He was also responsible for introducing me to my first Guru, Pandit Pradeep Barot, and to many other stalwarts and musicians. I remember him fondly.
  • Late Smt. Pramila Dagar – wife of late Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar who gave us all the continuity in exposure to music, encouragement and support, by running the Dhrupad Gurukul, after the early demise of Ustadji.
  • Ustad Bahauddin Dagar – a friend, a Rudra Veena player and son of late Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, for having shared many thoughts on music, tips on techniques of Veena playing, and for being with me during my difficult times.
  • Mumbai Shankarnarayanan - mridangam maestro, who has been patiently teaching me the fundamentals of the South Indian Tala system, and the various facets of mridangam playing.
  • Late Pandit Sudhir Naringrekar - a senior tabla teacher, who has been my teacher in my understanding and playing of tabla.
  • Many senior musicians like Pandit Pushparaj Koshti, Pandit Manik Munde, Milind Nafadey, among others, who openly shared their experiences and knowledge of music.
  • Important people who saw me through difficult health problems, and gave me a second lease of life – Dr. Vijay Haribhakti, Dr. Sudha Menon, Dr. Ramnik Parekh, Mr. Nimish Parekh and Dr. Rajeshree Parekh.
  • Jody Stecher – a multi instrumentalist world musician, and a senior student of late Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar. He shared detailed information on his Sursringar which proved to be of immense help in my quest to get one made.
  • Jon Barlow and Somjit Das Gupta – for directing me to the right instrument maker.
  • Late Mohan Lal Sharma – a hereditary instrument maker from Kolkata who willingly accommodated all my requests and last minute variations in design, to come up with the brilliant instruments (Sursringar and Chandraveena) which are now my lifeline.
  • Majid Satarmaker - a traditional instrument maker from Miraj, who has made hundreds of tanpuras for musicians from around the world, has also made my tanpuras and a Chandraveena which I extensively use. He has also undertaken many modifications to my existing Chandraveena as per my requirements. After the demise of Mohan Lal Sharma, Majidsaheb as I fondly call him, has been a key person in my quest for a perfect Chandraveena.

Special Thanks !

  • Last but not the least - Aravind Iyer, my collaborator at Sadharani Music Works. He has been a big inspiration in creating this site, without whose contribution I wouldn’t be communicating through this medium. A jazz aficionado and technologist, he spent many many hours to talk me through the design and site building process. Through extensive discussions, he has helped me in clearly communicating my thoughts and musical concepts. Thank you!