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Raga Bhoopali - Major Pentatonic

Posted on 02 January, 20215 min read

Raga Bhoopali also called variously as Bhupali , Bhoop , Bhopali or Mohanam , is one of the oldest scales in Indian music. It is an…

Taladhyaya - A Chapter on Indian Rhythmic System

Posted on 10 October, 20207 min read

Rhythm is an integral part of nature. Our breathing, pulse rate, swaying of a pendulum are all governed by a certain rhythmic structure. As…

Pallavi - Can any poetry be a Pallavi?

Posted on 09 October, 20208 min read

Pallavi is the primary format for developing and showcasing a Raga with rhythm and lyrics, in Indian Classical Music. Background Recall…

Veena and Vani - An Ancient Tradition

Posted on 26 September, 20205 min read

In the tradition of Indian Classical music, वीणा (Veena), वाणी (Voice) and वेणु (Bamboo flute) represent a time honoured trio of…

Raga Charukauns - Raga Charukesi with a twist!

Posted on 23 August, 20203 min read

A fundamental and important concept in Indian Classical Music is the distinction between: a scale (referred to as a Melakarta or…

Raga Alapana - A glimpse into its structure

Posted on 19 August, 20208 min read

Raga Alapana is the primary format for introducing and developing a Raga in Indian Classical music. Background In an earlier post , we…

Lakshanas - Grammar of Indian Classical Music

Posted on 14 August, 202011 min read

Introduction Indian Classical Music was not always like we know and understand today, having evolved continuously over a period of 150…

Chandraveena Jam sessions with Pakhawaj

Posted on 11 August, 20203 min read

The beauty of Indian Classical music performances is that they are extempore and the music happens in the moment without premeditation…