How to Support Chandraveena

Chandraveena music is supported by the patronage of listeners like you. If you like my musical philosophy and musical works, I am grateful for your appreciation and deeply value your patronage. Here are some ways in which you can enjoy the music better, help it find more listeners and provide your support so that it continues to thrive.

Invest your Time

Chandraveena music is my attempt to create an individualistic style of music, rooted in Indian Classical music and influenced by Carnatic and Dhrupad (Dagar) traditions. It is contemplative in nature and is characterised by a slow and methodical unfurling of a Raga. My endeavour is to present the music in a transparent manner and provide listeners with all the information pertaining to the Raga and Tala being performed. My request to all the listeners is to take their time to get to know the music. Just as it grew on me during my formative years, I hope you can invest your valuable time and enjoy the music more and more over time.

Spread the Word

If you like the music, please spread the word and share your enjoyment. Please visit my page to listen to my recordings. Also visit my channel for music videos and talks on music. Remember to follow me on Bandcamp and subscribe to my YouTube channel to show your interest, and share these links with your friends, family and other music lovers. If you have a request, question or comment, or would like to get in touch with me, please leave me a note.

Host a Concert

The best way to experience Indian Classical music is to hear it in intimate surroundings, in a small gathering of people, at a close proximity to the artist. A concert at such a gathering is called a Baithak (referring to the tradition of sitting down on the floor in front of the artist). Chandraveena too is best enjoyed in such gatherings, so that its deep resonance and subtle intonations can be heard at close quarters. You can help the music reach your friends and neighbours, by hosting a Chandraveena concert. If you wish to do so, please get in touch.

Support the Music

Every form of support mentioned above helps me in my continued endeavour to produce good music on Chandraveena. But you can further support Chandraveena music by buying my albums or by making a direct contribution. Please visit my page to purchase CD quality lossless audio versions of my recordings. If you are interested in making a direct contribution, please get in touch. Every contribution is valuable, and I would be grateful for your patronage.