Introduction to Music Blog

Posted on 13 December, 20192 min read

I have been closely associated with music over a period of a few decades - as a student, as a connoisseur, and as a performer. It has been a journey replete with experiences and stories. Through this blog, I hope to cover a wide range of topics, directly or indirectly related to music, both Indian music, and music from the rest of the world. Many ancient civilisations have a history of music, and over centuries of trade across countries and continents, music has been shared too.

In keeping with the philosophy of the site, I will strive to keep it simple and conversational. It would help if you have some prior understanding of music, but it is not essential. Some articles maybe inter-related, and it would help to read them in context. If so, I will mention the related posts.

If you are new here, it may help to read the following posts first:

All opinions expressed are my own - my thoughts, experiences, learnings from experiments gleaned over the years. You are most welcome to send your remarks and feedback. If you would like me to address any particular topic, please leave me a note. If it is within my understanding, I shall definitely try to address it.

I may also feature guest articles from time to time from close people who are willing to share their thoughts and experiences. If you have something to contribute, please write to me.